Saturday, 6 December 2014

Slower going than I would prefer

I'm back in the "groove", I suppose, but I feel undirected still.  I think I need to plan some more scenes.  obviously, I work best with an outline, but I finished that a while back, and am sort-of heading towards an ending with a few major moments to craft.

Writing should be disciplined, indeed!  Not a strong point with me, but I did well when I started this story.  I am interested in what will happen to these characters - they are beginning to demonstrate a will of their own.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Back on track, I hope!

I'm writing again, and book 2 of the 3-book novel is moving again.  Ideas are springing about in my head now, and perhaps I can keep this on the move for a while.  Book 3 is also percolating, but I refuse to even begin the outlining as I need to complete this phase while sane!

I have no idea how long the process will eventually take, but it would be nice to find an agent and publish in the coming year.  Why not?  Think big, right?  My heroine seems to be in control, so should I...

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Writers' Block?

My progress has slowed....I tried to plan ahead for added scenes, but I have used my original outline, and have a lot of territory to cover before the ending of this Book 2.  There are too many possibilities perhaps, and I need to sort what is necessary and what would be padding.
Tough time...

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Revising that next novel

Having thought deeply, and concerned that I need a full length novel, I have revised my novella and the book I am working on, to become one novel with three books therein.  Book 1 will be the novella, Book 2 will be the current book, and I have my plans for the third Book.

I believe this is an improvement and will result in an adult oriented, full length novel that may especially appeal to women without being a Harlequin!

I am enjoying the process of writing but I struggle with "show, don't tell"!  I am only on th efirst draft of Book 2, so lots of time to revise.  Not my favourite part...

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Some agents respond

I have had three responses thus far, ranging from 'I don't publish novellas...' to 'Not right now for me...', and 'Keep looking for an agent even though this submission is not for me...'.  I have sent courteous thanks to each agent and will keep their names for future consideration.

Meanwhile I have started a sequel to the novella - one that can stand alone, but follows the premise and will hopefully be a novel rather than a novella. My outline is strong, my throughline makes sense, and I have a 'hook'.

I am enjoying the creativity of the first draft, trying not to improve as I go, and waiting for the next stage to alter or adapt anything.  Not so easy when one is somewhat anal in approach!  Disipline seems to be a necessary part of writing.  More on this as we go along...

Monday, 20 October 2014

Progress on the NA novel/novella

My New Adult book is into its third draft now.  My only beta reader is Chris, my spouse, and I could do with two more for this important stage.  He is not enjoying the book very much on a personal level, but whether he likes it is totally beside the point.  I am asking for critique and identification of possible problems with plot, characterization, dialogue etc.  Not to solve any found problems - that is my job.  I am afraid for the time when I will submit this to agents!   The dreaded pink slips could drown me.  Yet, that is the reality of attempting to become an author.  I know all this - but to have an instant success would be a dream come true.
Enough of dreaming.  I already have the follow-up story in my head and have made notes.  The next one will be better as I practice this craft more and more.  It is consuming- it fills one with creativity and notions that I cannot keep up with on the keyboard.  Notes and an outline are mandatory for me - could never wing this!  I have been learning the skills from some excellent books on writing and Writers Digest is helpful.  At the end of the day....just start writing!

Saturday, 23 August 2014

I am finding little spare time to contribute to this particular blog, so it is time to connect once more.

The expression, "Time Flies", is certainly proving true for me.  It is sad comment on our lives, that like so many I fail to reserve enough time for those I love most.  I have done this before, and neglecting friendships is tragic.  I treasure my friends, and have made more effort in that direction since moving to Panama, and away from so many people I truly care about. I know there will soon come the day that I will leave this little Paradise and return "home".  After all, paradise is never quite what we expected anyway, and home is wherever you hang your hat.

I have created many homes through my life.  I seemed to be unable to stay in one place for too long.  The longest in one house was actually just short of 13 years.  That speaks volumes.  This itchy feet syndrome must be inbred or inherited?  I actually now yearn to stay in one place, to not just hang my hat, but to bury it in the garden!  I thought the home I am in now might be that place.  But sadly, no.  A new friend told me last year to "enjoy wherever you are, while you are still there" and that seems good advice.

My writing is progressing and consuming much of my thinking hours right now.  After two self-published books about Panama, and a twice rejected children's book, I am attempting a full length novel aimed a the New Adult market.  Some struggles with this first draft, and now I am in the middle section, which is bogging down.  The plan is to keep going. The second draft will sort the grain from the chaff, and the third draft should be polishing!  Dialogue is an enormous challenge, as is the tendency to overuse adjectives.  A steep learning curve is underway.

Sunday, 13 April 2014

The beginning...

I have enjoyed blogging about my Panama move and the experiences of that adventure, and now wish to become more philosophical. Not that my thoughts are better than or deeper than, or even more interesting than anyone else, or that anyone might read what I say/write, or perhaps respond. I am willing to take the risk that I will be ignored, to make my comments, remain polite and respectful, and just see what is the result. It may be like a diary, but I do hope I can be much more interesting than that would indicate, and will strive to be thoughtful, or even funny!

I recently completed reading P.D. James one year diary which is an example of excellent writing - yes, somewhat old-fashioned given today's communication style with blogs, text messaging, the overuse of FaceBook etc.  However, I enjoyed her so-called diary because her use of phrasing, her style, is so appealing to me. James loves the English language and written word even more than I do, and her respect for English shows in every line. Despite little formal education, she can teach us all to communicate in a more eloquent manner. I was born too late, I fear to come near  her style, so will try for my own!

By the way, I say her "so-called diary" as it is not really a diary but a fascinating discourse on a wide variety of topics, revealing of her age and time. Yes, she describes some daily doings, which consist mainly of teas, lunches, speeches, travelling around the country, with little or no writing as she is in the process of publishing a book at the time of writing, and says she writes one book per year. Most of her book strikes me as commentary, and philosophizing...

Until the next time, Constant Reader...