Saturday, 29 November 2014

Back on track, I hope!

I'm writing again, and book 2 of the 3-book novel is moving again.  Ideas are springing about in my head now, and perhaps I can keep this on the move for a while.  Book 3 is also percolating, but I refuse to even begin the outlining as I need to complete this phase while sane!

I have no idea how long the process will eventually take, but it would be nice to find an agent and publish in the coming year.  Why not?  Think big, right?  My heroine seems to be in control, so should I...

Saturday, 22 November 2014

Writers' Block?

My progress has slowed....I tried to plan ahead for added scenes, but I have used my original outline, and have a lot of territory to cover before the ending of this Book 2.  There are too many possibilities perhaps, and I need to sort what is necessary and what would be padding.
Tough time...

Saturday, 15 November 2014

Revising that next novel

Having thought deeply, and concerned that I need a full length novel, I have revised my novella and the book I am working on, to become one novel with three books therein.  Book 1 will be the novella, Book 2 will be the current book, and I have my plans for the third Book.

I believe this is an improvement and will result in an adult oriented, full length novel that may especially appeal to women without being a Harlequin!

I am enjoying the process of writing but I struggle with "show, don't tell"!  I am only on th efirst draft of Book 2, so lots of time to revise.  Not my favourite part...

Saturday, 8 November 2014

Some agents respond

I have had three responses thus far, ranging from 'I don't publish novellas...' to 'Not right now for me...', and 'Keep looking for an agent even though this submission is not for me...'.  I have sent courteous thanks to each agent and will keep their names for future consideration.

Meanwhile I have started a sequel to the novella - one that can stand alone, but follows the premise and will hopefully be a novel rather than a novella. My outline is strong, my throughline makes sense, and I have a 'hook'.

I am enjoying the creativity of the first draft, trying not to improve as I go, and waiting for the next stage to alter or adapt anything.  Not so easy when one is somewhat anal in approach!  Disipline seems to be a necessary part of writing.  More on this as we go along...