Monday, 5 January 2015

2015 - Resolved to complete the latest effort

After more than two weeks hiatus, my mind is running at full tilt with ideas for the next several chapters.  The brief rest must have done me good. I feel ready to tackle the second half of this novel!

Writing is a marvellous outlet, but one must be prepared for the down moments when it all seems to be trite and not worthy of a read. The editing process is hardest, according to my experience so far, and until that first draft is down and ready for the process, it is mostly fun just madly writing and not worrying where you are going. I think I take a lot of sidebars, but that can be fixed, and right now my challenge is timing - when what happens, to whom, in what order. And does it dovetail with other events and persons in the tale?  That will be a huge challenge when I edit - especially if I haven't kept good enough notes.  My outline helps, and I even laid it out in years with events for each one. Hope that worked!

Back to the computer. I picked up a 32G drive for back-up while away. One never knows!